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Bones Season 10 Opening Credits

Guys! Actually, scratch th previous post. What my friends and I have agreed on instead is that we’re just gonna do that ourselves cos we’ve been getting messages telling us they don’t really understand what to do for that one. So yeah.. No fret on that video.
Answer in a video the questions an prompts that we will ask you about #Bones. I really hope and want as many people as possible to be a part of this. I’m sorry I haven’t been on much. We still have plenty of time to do the vid but yeah. Our plan is to get it out on the 200th episode… #bones200 #bonestv #totalfandomonium #emilydeschanel (at bones 200 project)

Are there any guy bones fans here?? Cos if there are I’d like to invite you to do the bones project I’m doing with the help of other #boneheads. It’s not gonna be just about you people saying a bunch of messages.. Well partly yes but we’ll be putting montages. Make it as cool as possible.
Btw. I’ll be posting more info abt it.. I’m just really concentrating in finishing my mid year exams which finishes by the end of next week.. So after that I’m free.. My friends and I will discuss it more.. Just make sure you keep tuning in. I want this to be special for a 200th episode. Make sure we get our appreciation across to the cast and crew. 

previous post about the Bones project can be found here.

Two flawless women.

BTW guys.. Those of you who wants to do the first scene that I’ve requested last night for the #bones project… If you dont have the bones themesong I could send it to you so you can do the video. We need three people to do that. I’ll give you around two weeks. Cos that’s part of the opening for the video and we need to get that out of the way pretty quick. So please participate. This is for the #bones200. Let’s show our appreciation and let’s show it big time. #totalfandomonium #emilydeschanel #michaelaconlin (at attention. for bones project)

So we have about 4-5 months to do this. Right now, what I want is a video each from three different people. What you have to do:
Be creative… Change your ringtone to the Bones themesong. Have someone from your contacts call your phone but before doing so change their name on your contacts as “Bonehead” so when they call it will say “Bonehead calling”. Record your phone getting a call from “Bonehead” like the vid above and then stop after like 5 seconds. Then record yourself turning to the camera recognizing that your phone ringing. Make it look like it’s a serious call or like it’s urgent or that you have to go on a mission or something. Make sure before turning around to the camera you’re that youre doing something like opening a door or someone. That’s just a scenario.. As long as you record your phone getting a call from the “bonehead” and recognizing that the phone call is urgent then thats fine as well. Email it to and my friends and I will discuss which three are the best. We need this asap. Once we receive at least three videos. We will start picking the top three as we are in time restriction.

Regarding the other stuff for the video.. I’ll let you guys know when we need it. #totalfandomonium #bones200 #boneheads


Attention Boneheads!!!!!!

So I already talked to my friends (bonehead friends) about this and theyre on board. What I want to do is make a video for the 200th episode of Bones. You know reaching a 200th episode is a really huge deal, and I wanna make it more special for the cast and crew by doing this whole collaboration with you fellow Boneheads. I want, if not all then most, boneheads on tumblr, twitter, instagraam (or people who love the show that you know of who arent in any of the three mentioned) to do this. Every now and again I/ we will keep you updated  of what we might want from you so make sure check any new notice. I want this as big a collaboration can be but manageable. My friends will be managing and collaborating in the editing bits and whatnot (even though we live in different countries. we’re really tight and talk to each other pretty much everyday so dont worry and think we might not be able to collaborate with each other because of the distance) . I will also need your part in this if we need someone to say do the sound fx but at the moment we got that covered. I’m gonna try to put it all in one video. Ive already done a collab with them when we did our christmas video for the cast last year  . This year I need everyone’s talent and be contributed on the video to make the video better. Plus, I dont wanna take all the credit. At the end of the whole video there’ll be the credits like in movies and I will put every one’s name who collaborated with the editing and stuff. So far we’ve come up with questions/prompts for you to answer via video recording. We will also want you to reenact fave moments that will be listed for you guys to do when we finalize which those fave moments will be. This video will not consist of Booth and Brennan, but includes EVERYONE on Bones. You gotta give props where props are due. Those video reenactments will be a montage of important/funny/ pivotal moments on Bones. MOre details will come up. Again I would like EVERYONE to get involve with this. Guys and gals. Fans of Bones. Oh.. and the best reenactments will be of course chosen. so be creative as possible when you do it. Apart from that we will put, as much as possible, every video clip that you guys make. Include raw footage when you make the videos cos it’s always fun to make something out of that. 

Spread the word if you will. thank you. I’ll make a page specifically for this project.

Every post about this project will be on

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