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She & Him Summer 2013 Tour - Toronto July 4, 2013

Last Thursday I was able to see She & Him live in Toronto. I was front row and center to see Zooey’s beautiful face and to hear Matt Wards incredible strumming. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow pictures to be taken during the concert, and security at the show was super strict. Besides getting a summer tour shirt and the setlist from Zooey’s mic stand, I also audio recorded the whole concert. It was so surreal to be seeing them perform live after being in love with them for 5 years, that this recording just acts as a reality pinch for me. Hahaha. 

So, enjoy all, the talented musical stylings of She & Him. <3 They are INCREDIBLE LIVE! 

I love you for posting this!!!! It’s so hard to be a fan of them cos they only have their tours mostly in America and I know how busy they are that’s why they only do. I love She and Him!!! They thought me to appreciate other kinds of music that are not so popular as the modern music today

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